As your business is growing, there will be times when you need your key people to raise their game in order to cope with the critical decisions that have to be made. There are also times when you want everyone to share their views and times when you just want them to see what you see, or ‘get’ what you ‘get’……but I appreciate that this doesn’t always happen, usually because they don’t always know what’s expected or don’t always understand how to improve.

Having trained over 1000 managers, I know that by supporting them and focusing on their skills to help them grow at the same pace as the business is very important to the strategic direction of the company and ultimately the bottom line.

So, as experts in this area I am trusting that you will listen to my bold advice… .. you as their line manager are probably not the right person to teach them those skills.

With that in mind, our programmes offer a safe environment for them to learn new practical ways for them to explore and put in practice how to be more effective at work and take on the responsibility that being a leader brings.