I was having a cup of coffee today with a friend of mine who delivers training workshops in London. He held a session yesterday and was intrigued that someone graded the session as poor – reason given – not enough biscuits!

That reminded me of a time when a delegate rated a morning with me as 6/10. When I asked what would help raise to 9/10 they said – a biscuit tin in the middle of the table!

Now then! Since when has the quality of a training session been measured in biscuits? What’s that all about I asked myself?

Well let’s see.

1. A biscuit tin is good for breaking the ice as people talk whilst they pass it around
2. It is good for building rapport – as it the chance to discuss an opinion on an ‘everyday issue’ (which one to choose!
3. Delegates often appreciate a quick ‘sugar rush’ to help them focus.
4. It shows that you care about them not being hungry
5. It can be quite a treat if you put in yummy ones – iced gems and wagon wheels seem to go down well!

So, when packing my box to deliver any training session – my trusty biscuit tin is refilled to the brim – and do you know what? I never get less that a 9/10!!!!

TOP TIP – add biscuit power to your business!