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It can be tough to see others get the successes that you think you deserve, trust me I've been there too. Maybe something is holding you back or perhaps it's just taking longer than you want it to... need it to. Well, wait no more, now it's your time to have your breakthrough moment. 


7 Part Video Training Program For Those Who Want To Be High Achievers

The Structure

Module 1: Acknowledge Who You Are

Module 2: Clarity

Module 3: Hold the Responsibility

Module 4: Impact and Influence

Module 5: Eliminate Self Doubt

Module 6: Value Your Achievements

Module 7: Everlasting Achievements

Who is it for?

Having helped coach thousands of people I have come to find 7 key elements that prevent them from reaching the success they deserve. In The Breakthrough, I address head-on each one of these topics, to help you break down any barriers holding you back.

Is it Just for Businesses?

The Breakthrough is for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to reach ambitious goals.

How Much?

The total investment for The Breakthrough programme is £299 and includes HD 7 part video training in your own online workspace, business models and worksheets to go through, rewarding activities, and also a selection of High Achiever Interviews exclusive for this programme.

"I've achieved more in the past 2 weeks, than I have in the past 6 months. From somewhere I have found a new inner strength and determination, the courage and enthusiasm I am renowned for. I am asking for success. It's happening. I am now taking action."

P. Cookney

Are You Ready To Transform Too?

Why I see the need for this:

Have you ever said 'I can do that' or 'I can be that person', and then laughed at yourself - not quite believing that you can actually do it? I see so many potential high achievers that feel held back and blame others for their own lack of success. The Breakthrough is here to help those people, you, to fundamentally have a mindset shift to transform your own life to strive for ANY success you deserve. Don't hold yourself back any longer, don't settle for average and let's make life more exciting. Isn't it time for a breakthrough?

Are you ready to:

  • Break free of playing the blame game so that you gain back control over your future?
  • Break free of your financial restraints?
  • Turn that inner critic inside your head into your inner coach?

(This is not for the faint hearted as you can see)

1 Payment of £299 for Lifetime Access

Money Back Guarantee. T&Cs Apply. We Respect Your Privacy.