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My passion for speaking comes from the fact that I love to share. I have spoken frankly about my life in front of hundreds of people. My ups. My downs. What has helped me achieve more, and what has hindered it.

I get a buzz from the audience and bounce off them, engaging to ensure they leave motivated, inspired and ready to take action and achieve more.

Through all my talks is a running theme of helping people to share, listen, reflect and learn.


Some feedback from my talks...

''Lesley I hung on to your every word, you made me cry, you made me laugh, you made me realise there is so much more that I can do!''

Laura, Newcastle-upon-Tyne @ Hatch Conference

"Thankyou for speaking at our inaugural Taster Day.  All feedback we have received extols your virtues as a speaker and the inspiration you are to everyone."

Swansea University

"Thank you for all your help and efforts in delivering such a brilliant presentation- we couldn’t make this event successful without your presence."

Liverpool University

"Your energy, passion and hunger for excellence left us all standing. Thank you Lesley, you are remarkable."

Manchester Metropolitan University

''I attended the NWLCC women in business lunch yesterday and your talk was fantastic! Not only is your story fascinating but you are absolutely right that it hit a nerve with everyone in the room, including me.'' 

Women in Business Luncheon Event

"Lesley, you really were a star and we have heard lots of positive things about your presentation"  

Lancaster University  

"Thank you for your talk, Lesley. You brought your business and how you grew it to life and also showed them the importance of looking forward when the going gets tough. A real inspiration to me and to them."

Lancaster University

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