There’s a soft mist in the air, the ice is twinkling in the reflection of the sun, the crispness of the atmosphere feels fresh on my cheeks and the stillness of the air brings a willingness to my lungs to take in long deep breaths.

It’s calm, all around, birds twittering in the background, the sound of cyclists pacing past, just over my shoulder.

Serene and peaceful, I’m stood still by the railings of Preston Docks after a quick sprint round, wishing the whole day would remain like this. But I know, deep down that the minute I step back in my front door, the grip of the pressure of work will start to squeeze that refreshing chilled air back out of my body.

Don’t get me wrong I think that you should all be able to tell, I love my work. I am passionate about making a difference, I am constantly seeking ways to meet and help even more great people… but sometimes that dreaded word admin – to meet other peoples deadlines can get the better of you, those pesky never stopping emails can push you into other peoples agendas and other people in general are assuming that today is the day you are going to buy something from them and if you let them they will waste your time.

Well, Im sending a message out there! The challenge to myself today is to stay engaged with my own creativity, to feel this sense of lightness and excitement and maintain the spring in my step that the last two miles has given me.

I have to capture the ideas that are pumping around my head as fast as my blood is pumping through my heart after such an invigorating run… so I’ve got to go!

… How are you going to love your morning?