Too many people are scared of books! Yes books! Can you believe that ? …..well actually yes I can – Five years ago I was the same, for many different reasons. .. time, guilt in taking time out, not having faith that I would understand the content and many other empty excuses that actually, when I look back, was just a complete lack of self discipline in focusing on my personal development.

Unfortunately I come across far too many people in business who are stuck in that frame of mind and miss this easy opportunity to learn.

So, as a ‘book convert’ , part of my work is dedicated to helping people get over this fear and start to appreciate the power of reading. To put my theory to the test, I have been working with the delegates in my programmes, giving them a variety of books to chose from, providing a safe learning environment, giving a little direction, clear facilitation and the instruction to flip and dip….so that they can see that books are their friend not the enemy.

Did you catch that ? The ‘killer’ piece of advice, is to not presume you have to read that book from cover to cover – but instead, FLICK the pages and DIP into a one that catches your eye. I guarantee that you will land on some text that has a relevant message to you for that day . My delegates today once again proved my theory right – try it and see. Pick up a book, FLICK, DIP and see what happens.