Isn’t it strange when those moments happen that restore your faith in people and the work you do… just at the precise moment you need it.

Well, today, totally out of the blue, that happened to me and I felt it was important to share the story with you (and the person involved has given me permission to do so).

Sat alone at my desk, contemplating the busy week I had just experienced, wondering what difference I really made,  a linked-in message popped up that brought a tear to my eye. In fact it did so much more than that… it made me take a a sharp intake of breath and move my hands up to my face as if to stop me from taking in any more air for that moment.  I posed, frozen and read the kind words with tears starting to trickle down my face.

The message was from Florentina, a beautiful MBA student, who asked me for an impromptu coaching session. Inspired by her story of being a single parent, leaving her daughter with her parents whilst she came to England to study her MBA and seeing her desperate desire to improve her situation and now to carve a successful future, I obliged. All I asked was that one day she would let me know what she acheived. I thought of her often and this morning, over three years later. This is what she wrote

“Hi Lesley, I am writing to you to say one more time thank you for all your help and support. You helped me in my darkest moments, while struggling to keep going in my life few years ago. I have a job now which I love, I managed to settle in with my daughter and now I am trying to finally make peace with myself.

I wanted to say it for some time now, I thought of you many times. Sometimes you dont need to spend a lifetime next to someone,  2 hours can be enough and those 2 hours you spent with me had an impact on my whole life and I am grateful for that!
Thank you once again and I wish you all the best in the world!
God bless you!
Warm regards, Florentina”

We exchanged several more messages but my final reply was …. Florentina, Continue to say thankyou to people, it doesn’t happen enough in the world.

So does coaching work? Well, what do you say after reading this blog?