What you probably need to know about me is that with over 40 years career experience working within major retailers, universities and my own SME Businesses, coaching, development and business growth has always played an important role in my life. Now fully qualified and with over 2000 people supported, I have never felt more fulfilled.

I love it when people seek my help, as I know they have recognised that it is time to do things differently.

More than ever, life is complicated, more stressful and more demanding but in equal measures it is exciting, fast paced and full of opportunity.  The ability to do anything online is driving the increased desire to be more entrepreneurial and has certainly caused an increase in demand for people searching for the secret to high achievement.

What I help people to realise is that those secrets lie within.



Reaching untapped capability is my specialism. Supporting people to better equip themselves to succeed is my driver. Coaching as a profession is my passion.

I am particularly interested in working with those people who are not just focused by how much they earn, but more by the social impact they create. So, for us to be a good match….

  • Yes, you will be ambitious, but you will be humble about it.
  • Yes, you may feel lost or overwhelmed, but you will be ready to do something about it
  • Yes, you will be passionate about what you do, but not sure how to make it happen.

Whatever your challenge, I listen, help you put things into perspective, guide you to create a plan.  I have your best interests at heart, so trust me, trust the process and most importantly, trust yourself to make new things happen!



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