Hi, I'm Lesley, welcome to my website. What is there to know about me? The most important thing to know is that I turned adversity into adventure and created a business that allowed me to play to my strengths, that allowed me to work in an area that I am extremely passionate about. 

And now I help other people start their own adventures. 

I'm a natural helper, so my willingness to support others on their learning journey is my biggest diver. 

I was born in a small village called Newton in Lancashire. I was a middle child, so always restless, I can remember helping my Mother around the house from the age of 6 and started my first paid job at the age of 12, doing a paper-round. So as a child I was never stopping and I never sat still. 

After I had grown up a bit, I moved into retail. Starting off as a sales assistant, I progressed through the ranks to a senior regional role.

That's when I started to want more from life than just work. I needed to step out of the hectic role I had to adopt my Son, and so in 2000 I decided to go Self-Employed. 


In this part of my life I ran a series of successful award winning businesses, some of which had a multi million pound turnover. Life was good. 

Then adversity struck. I'm not going to go into detail here exactly what happened, but let's just say I know how it feels to be sky high and then rock bottom. And more importantly, I know what it takes to get up from rock bottom and start over. 

I turned my adversity into adventure. I used all the skills I had required during my career as well as 5 cups of coffee, and built another successful company called People Power. 

I went back to basics, I realised my true passion had always been to help people. People in business and people in life - who want to achieve more, do more and live their life to the fullest. 

So now I want to know all about you, connect with me online and become part of my High Achievers Club. 


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